Gluten free

29 junio, 2016

Everything is gluten free so don’t worry! You have just to relax and enjoy the gluten free food. comida1

Our gastronomy from traditional to nouvelle is one of the hellmarks of the Costa Blanca. The excellent quality and diversity of the raw materials available both from the sea and vegetable gardens are typically mediterranean.There are lots of products grown and manufactured in different areas of Alicante like the nougat from Jijona and Alicante, meddlars from Callosa, Badgged grapes from the Vinalopó, cherries from the mountains and some typical wines like Moscatel. And salting fish like the cured tuna, roe, bonito, anchovy that they are consumed as snacks but can also be used as ingredients in a salad.


But we can’t forget the most typical dish of our gastronomy; rice is without a doubt one of the most important dishes, there are over 300 recorded different recipes that you can make using rice they are also prepared by different methods; like soupy, dry, creamy, with vegetables, with meat or fish. The province has its roots in the mediterranean sea but also has a long history inland and in the mountains.

The Spanish paella is one of the most famous dishes. We promise you will can try a bit of rice… or a big plate just for you! There is a surprise which will be prepared for all the assistants… What could be? 😛

The coeliac association has made a huge work around the province to have gluten free options in lots of different restaurants and places. We’re going to taste all the typical dishes discovering their secrets and details.comida3

A big important point is the fact that all the food and the places we will go to eat, are controlled by FACE (Association of Spanish Coeliac Societies), FACE Joven (Youth Group) and ACECOVA (Association of Valencian Community Coeliacs).

In Spain all the associations from the different regions and the federation have an important programme about food security, checking different products with the ELS and the national sign, “Controlled by FACE” and they also work in a lot of restaurants around the country. They sign agreements, review all the ingredients of the different dishes, and make talks and lessons to all the people involved in the process of serve the food in the different restaurants.3logos

Thanks for helping!