30 junio, 2016

The city


Alicante is located on the south of the Region of Valencia, the city of alic_9
Alicante is in the centre of the bay with the same name, flanked by the capes Cabo La Huerta to the north and Santa Pola to the south. Alicante is the second largest city in the region of Valencia and the capital of the province of Alicante.

Lapped by the Mediterranean Sea, it has an exceptional climate that is characterised by mild winters and hot summers, with an average annual temperature of over 18ºC and around 3.000 hours of sunshine per year.


It´s renowned for its gastronomy and culinary heritage, and also offers a wonderful rich history that can be glimpsed all around the city.

Alicante is undoubtedly an example of a Mediterranean city, with a zest for life that is reflected in the personality of its habitants who always make visitors feel welcome and completly at home.


The culture



Alicante has lots of opportunities to visit different buildings,  monuments and museums.

During the days of the Summer Camp we will know the beautiful city of Alicante, with guided tours around the most important and beautiful buildings, we will enjoy walking through the Explanada, discovering the Santa Barbara’s Castle, The Old Town and all the little details that make the city so special. We also will have the opportunity to visit some museums, like the MARQ and more castles and archeological sites.

The MARQ museum, a magnificient archaeology museum housed in the former San Juan de Dios Provincial Hospital. It approaches archealogy from cutting-edge prespective supported by the latest audiovisual techniques, making this a highly innovative and visual museum.


Also we will visit lots of different towns around the Costa Blanca as Altea, Calpe, or Guadalest and the island of Tabarca. In all of them we will also have guided tours to discover all the secrets that they hide.

The Town Hall, an 18th century baroque palace built on the site of the former Casa de la Ciudad, the building has an unusual structure flanked by a tower at either end divided into three stories and finished with a balaustrade.

At this building is the reference point from which the heighr of any place in Spain above sea level is measured. San Nicholas Co-Cathedral, Santa María Basilica, Main theatre, Casa Carbonell, Casa Alberola, or Casa de las Brujas, are only some of the cultural things of the city we would visit.

The nature



There are amazing beaches like the Postiguet Beach, situated in the city itself at the foot of the Mount Benacantil and just across from Santa Barbara Castle it’s a fine golden sandy beach of 750 meters long bordered by a promenade that offers beautiful views of the bay, there is also San Juan Beach the most famous beach also with fine golden sand, stretching close to three kilometres, where you can enjoy numerous water sports and water activities.

alic_6Alicante is also home to other beaches such as La Albufereta, Cabo de las Huertas, La Almadraba or Urbanova.

As a promenades we have one of the most beautiful seafront promenades in Spain. Running alongside the marina, it has become a famous sight thanks to the monumental mosaic made up of six million marble tiles in three colours that recreate the waves of the nearby sea. The image of our event is influenced by that promenade.

The city also has some amazing parks and gardens like The Ereta Park in the slopes of the Mount Benacantil at the foot of the Santa Barbara Castle, El Palmeral formed by a wooded area containing palm trees, ponds and lakes or the Canalejas Park the most traditional open space in Alicante, it begins at the end of the Explanada and has a spectacular lush vegetation including several hundred-year old rubber plants measuring 20 meters high.


Do you want to know the paradise? 🙂