Institutional Support

As you can imagine working on a project as big as this one is a always an important challenge. For us it’s a pleasure and we are thankful having the support of the different institutions and goverments of the city and the province of Alicante.

Actually, we have the support of the Provincial Tourism Authority, Costa Blanca. This support is essential because we’re going to visit more tan 5 different towns around the city of Alicante, showing you everything we have to offer as a province, from the coast to the island.

We also count with the support of the local council of Alicante. This support is very important due to they make possible some of the summer camp activities and also knocks some doors with us to help us to go further.

There are also a lot of small councils from different towns we will visit,  as well as San Vicente, Altea, Guadalest, Calpe and Campello, who are feeling themselves as part of this awesome project and they are happy to help us developing it.

Thank you very much. We know if we hadn’t this big support from all of you, it wouldn’t have been possible to organize the CYE Summer Camp in Alicante.



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